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The basic general education is the second stage of general education in Russia, the goals of which are to create conditions for the formation of the personality of the learner, the development of his inclinations and interests. At this stage, students develop the ability to learn and the ability to organize their activities - the ability to accept, retain goals and follow them in learning activities, to plan their activities, monitor and evaluate it, and to interact in the educational process and beyond.

The objectives of the RIS educational programme at this stage are:

  • to achieve the best possible results for graduates of the 9th grade: knowledge, skills, competences and competencies determined by personal, family, public, state needs, opportunities and individual characteristics;
  • the formation and development of the learner's personality in its uniqueness;
  • the formation of an educational basis based not only on knowledge, but also on the appropriate cultural level of personality development, creating conditions for  self-realization;
  • ensuring an effective combination of lessons and extra-curricular forms of organization of teaching sessions, and interaction of all participants in educational relations;
  • Identification and development of students' abilities, their interests through the system of clubs, studios, extra-curricular activities, and socially useful activity;
  • organization of intellectual and creative competitions, scientific and technical creativity, design and training and research activities;
  • participation of students, their parents and teachers in the design and development of the intra-school social environment, and the school system;
  • Inclusion of students into the development of the extra-curricular social environment to gain experience in real management and action;
  • social and educational research design, including professional orientation of students with the support of teachers, psychologists, and social educators;
  • preservation and strengthening of physical, psychological and social health of students, ensuring their safety.

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