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Secondary general education is the third and final stage of general education in Russia. Its main goal is to give students the training and opportunities for building individual educational programmes in accordance with their abilities, inclinations, and needs.

At this stage of training in RIS, students are given the right to choose their own learning option in grades 10-11 for a particular profile or direction. Traditional profiles are: natural science-mathematical, humanitarian, socio-economic, technological, as well as a non-core learning option - a universal profile. The main goal for profile education is a deepening of knowledge, inclinations, and improvement of previously acquired skills through the creation of a system of specialized training in grades 10-11. This training is focused on the individualization of training and the professional orientation of students in accordance with their needs.

The objectives of RIS in training at this stage:

  • To give students a deep and strong knowledge of relevant disciplines in precisely those areas to which they intend to devote themselves at the end of the school;
  • Develop graduates' skills in independent cognitive activity, and to prepare them for solving life problems of different levels of complexity;
  • To acquaint them with a wide range of problems related to one or another field of activity, develop a motivation for research and development; develop students' thinking that allows them not to passively consume information, but to critically and creatively process it; developing one’s own opinions and being able to defend it;
  • To increase students chances in terms of admission to the selected universities of countries round the world.

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