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History Clubs and debates regularly take place at Russian International School. During classes students analyse historical events, learn to see and understand the relationships between various political and historical events, and study the biographies of famous political and state figures of the past.

A significant part of the class consists of open debates on various historical topics, in which students discuss the most important events of different eras; key historical milestones in the lives of great people and nations. One of the goals of our club is the development of public speaking skills. History topics are a great opportunity to practice oratory skills, as well as generally expand horizons and range of topics for communication.

For most important holidays such as May 9, Maslenitsa, and New Year, historical reenactments take place on the school grounds, where students can get acquainted with the life and traditions of past eras. Also, students of the school have the opportunity to independently prepare an historical project and place it on the campus.

For registration in the History Club, call the main campus of the school at +7 (495) 974-04-55.


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