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Russian International School is not just a language school with native speakers in Moscow, it is an international standard of education, confirmed by the Edexcel Approval Center Certificate and the Cambridge International School Certificate.

The international education program is taught entirely in English. The teaching staff of the English Program are professional teachers, tutors, and curators from the UK. Many of our foreign teachers graduated from such educational institutions as Eton, Cambridge and Oxford,  and have experience in the largest foreign bilingual schools.

In addition to the main educational activities, teachers and curators of the English Program conduct additional extracurricular activities. For example, from 2019, a discussion club with native speakers in Moscow will start working in our English school. In the club, pupils of the school will be able to practice and hone their oratorical abilities and public speaking skills. Membership and active participation of students in the discussion club is an important option for many of the world's leading universities. The school also has a drama studio where children can practice acting Shakespeare plays in their  original forms. Russian International School is an investment in the future of your child.

RIS opens the door to admission to major international educational institutions. A one-time receipt of two certificates: Russian and International, significantly expands the choice of further educational paths

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