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The Astronomy Club is another extra-curricular club available to children at the Russian International School. Children are helped to understand the world by examining models of Earth and also make in-depth study of physics and mathematics.

The main task of the Astronomy Club is to make information accessible and interesting, so that it inspires the interests of all children: humanities scholars, natural scientists, those interested in technology, and sportsmen.

We often invite planetariums to school and with the help of virtual reality and various visual technologies, children will learn what space is, how stars are born, what the solar system is and many other interesting things. Astronomy helps to give a sense of perspective of where we are in the Universe and exam the evolution of the universe, the Earth and, ultimately, man.

For older students, we focus on the study of wave, neutrino and gravitational-wave astronomy, using spectroscopy and other modern methods of observation. We are also laying down the physics at the heart of astronomy and astro-photography, the ability to correctly process the obtained observations, program and develop various models and programs.

For entry to the Astronomy Club, call the school’s main campus at +7 (495) 974-04-55.


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