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Recently, children's ballet in Moscow has been gaining momentum and Russian International School invites you to consider visiting our own ballet studio.

Ballet classes for children are not only an aesthetic component, but also serious physical training. Regular classes help develop flexibility, improve coordination and increase concentration. In our ballet school in Odintsovo, children become more self-confident with each lesson as they develop their physical aptitude. Since ancient times, people have used dance to express their emotions and to get rid of stress, with the same purposes still being served now.

Ballet classes are not only physical activities, but they help children develop a sense of beauty. The excellent location of our studios in Moscow and Odintsovo are on the grounds of the main and pre-school campuses allow you to successfully combine main lessons with other extra-curricular classes.

In our ballet studio for children, special attention is paid to developing techniques of classical dance and correct posture, as well as encouraging the students’ creative abilities. We believe that ballet classes actively contribute towards helping children establish their aesthetic tastes through exposure to classical music. Ballet becomes a profession only for an small amount of students. However, for all children, their parents and loved ones, the joy the high art and emotional fireworks of stage success will create memories that last a lifetime.

For questions about enrollment into the ballet studio for children, call the school’s main campus at +7 (495) 974-04-55.


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