In the architectural studio for children we take history lessons, theory of architecture, painting, architectural drawing, digital photography, spatial modeling and interior design.

Children learn to “feel” the space, proportions, colors and volumes, study the history of architecture and get acquainted with the works of famous artists. They also perform practical tasks in the classroom - they invent and create voluminous projects of various buildings.

Training takes place according to the author's methodology, which includes practical classes in drawing, painting, modeling, architecture and sculpture. Children are taught art history, take excursions to museums and introduce them to the region’s professionals, inviting current Russian architects, artists and designers to conduct master classes.

As part of the class we try to instill in our students a special view of the world. A special type of thinking that allows us to understand how the space around us is arranged and how it can and should be changed to make it more comfortable and better.

Primary school students study art graphic art, dimensional and plastic modeling, and sculpture. In the groups of higher levels we taught functional modeling, space ergonomics, spatial color, the history of architecture, modern architecture, drawing and drawing are held.

To register for classes, call the school’s main campus on +7 (495) 974-04-55.


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