Russian International School is guided in its work by recognized educational standards and has confirmed accreditations issued by official certification centers Edexcel and Cambridge.

Recent research into bilingualism has provided scientific proof that children learning two or more languages ​​have a number of positive characteristics as they are able to:

- Easily learn other foreign languages ​​with a minimum of effort.
- Possess high levels of attentional shift.
- Have a high level of development of auditory and visual memory
- Know how to better formulate their thoughts out loud.
- Have a wider outlook and adaptability, thanks to the assimilation of culture and perspective of the world of the studied languages.

More than half of the teaching staff of Russian International School are professional teachers and educators from the UK. Many foreign teachers graduated from such educational institutions as Eton, Cambridge and Oxford, and have experience in the largest foreign bilingual schools. The unique teaching methods in Russian International School make it possible to achieve fast and long-term progress when learning foreign languages. In addition to the in-depth study of foreign languages ​​in our international school, considerable emphasis is placed on the standard compulsory school subjects, as well as on the development of pupils' communication skills.

A daily psychologist works at school and preschool campuses to help identify the child’s strengths and give effective recommendations for their further development. Additional classes make it possible to develop a child’s outlook by 360⁰ and acquire new friends and meet like-minded people, as well as an opportunity to practice an interesting hobby.

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