A private school in Moscow is not only a guarantee of good quality education, but also an opportunity for a child to acquire a circle of friends with similar interests and aspirations. At school and pre-school campuses RIS, teachers and educators use modern interactive techniques to captivate and maintain the children’s’ attention.

Many tasks are carried out as part of small teams or mini-groups so that the pupils have the opportunity to participate in teamwork and independently assign roles to each other.

Mini-sets of 4 to 8 people is the most effective working group in which students can independently perform tasks under the supervision of a teacher. Such a division within a class or group allows the teacher to pay attention to each student and distribute pupils according to their degree of preparedness and level of knowledge. In this way, diffrent groups are formed, where each child can find for themselves an interesting, yet suitably challenging, level. The slogan of our school is Seneca's statement “We study not for school, but for life.” And in our daily work we consistently and methodically follow this maxim.

The private children's school of Moscow, At Russian International School, we do more than provide an international level of education. This is a place for diversified development, from being new fascinating hobbies and interests, as well as making friends for many years.

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Russian International School

Частная английская школа в Москве! Качественное международное образование, заслуженные преподаватели России, обучение с носителями языка!
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