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Children's yoga is a series of exercises that promote the harmonious development of children. Teachers of children's yoga at Russian International School are confident that all classes should take place in a fun way, and the main purpose of asanas is to develop children's habits of a correct lifestyle, which in turn has a positive effect on physical and emotional health.

We believe that maintaining good health and learning to concentrate is necessary from the earliest years, so our yoga studio in Moscow is open to children from 3 years of age. Yoga for children is a fascinating journey into an unknown world, built in the form of a game. Thanks to the professional work of the trainer, children in the course of the game develop flexibility, strengthen their spines, and become noticeably calmer and more emotionally stable. For schoolchildren, yoga is a great way to effectively recover from class work. After training, many students and their parents noted a marked improvement in their state of health and increased concentration in the classroom.

Yoga classes improve the health of the child, strengthen their bodies, fill the child with energy that allows them to maintain good physical shape. In contrast to other sports activities, even often ill children can practice yoga. Yoga restores immunity and does not overload the child.

Yoga for children in Odintsovo is a great start to introduce your child to this fascinating world. As practice shows, kids love to transform into animals, so they take great pleasure in the pose of "frog" or "hidden tiger." For the youngest, yoga classes for mothers with children are possible with a preliminary discussion of such activity together with an instructor.

For registration in the children's yoga studio, call the main campus of the school +7 (495) 974-04-55.


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