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In the modern world, the last few years have established such a concept as “digital creativity”. It means a creative approach to programming and creating everything that relates to digital media. During the lessons of computer science, we try to teach children important things from the IT field and instill an interest in it.

So what are the pupils doing in IT club?

The theoretical part: acquaintance with successful cases and analysis of innovative start-ups, as well as open talks with famous people from the IT field.

The practical part:

- primary school: pre-programming in the "firstprogram", studying the basics of graphic design, elaborating on the skill of printing.

- secondary school: the development of effective skills in Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint), basic design and programming skills for websites and computer games, video editing and working on YouTube.

For questions about joining the IT-Club, call the main campus of the school at +7 (495) 974-04-55.


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