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Full development of speech plays a huge role in the life of the child. Proper pronunciation of sounds, ability to competently and coherently express their thoughts - all this affects the successful development of the child's personality, their self-esteem, success in communication and relationships with others.

In addition, the success of mastering the child's writing and reading skills depends on the level of speech development. Therefore logopedic support is an obligatory part of the educational process in RIS.

The main goals of the speech therapist's work in RIS:

  • Formation of correct sounds;
  • Timely warning and overcoming difficulties in mastering the skills of reading and writing;
  • Enriching vocabulary;
  • The development of the ability to correctly and beautifully express their thoughts, etc.

When entering the RIS, each child undergoes a logopedic examination, which allows to identify difficulties in oral and written speech, as well as determine the overall level of speech development of the child. Based on the results, working closely with parents and teachers, the speech therapist develops an individual program of work with each student.

Such a program includes:

  • Individual lessons that allow you to correct problematic sounds;
  • Group sessions, the topics of which are determined by the individual characteristics of the child;
  • Lessons in mini-groups for children with individual difficulties.

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